Meet FlexWhere NEW Dashboard, a better way to optimise your office resources and downsize your space

Blog Meet FlexWhere NEW Dashboard, a better way to optimise your office resources and downsize your space

Orla Doran

Written by Orla Doran


1) Introducing the NEW Dashboard

2) Streamlined Space Utilisation

3) An In-Depth Understanding of Employee Preferences

4) Dashboard Features

5) FlexWhere NEW Dashboard is coming to you

6) To Our Customers

In an era defined by economic uncertainty, the call for improved efficiency in businesses is louder than ever. Business owners are warned to “prepare plans to handle a wide variety of risks” and although the reaction of many companies is to aggressively cut costs, the winners in the last recession were the ones which invested in smart tools to improve efficiency.

The upgraded FlexWhere Dashboard, launching August 2023, is presented to you in collaboration with our customers. Real companies, real feedback and real problems were used as the basis in upgrading the dashboard.

The new dashboard equips users with data insights that enable them to efficiently manage workspaces, reduce costs, and gain an understanding of their team's preferences. With tools like these, thriving in a challenging economic landscape is not just feasible, but achievable.

Click here for a demonstration!

Streamlined Space Utilisation

The new dashboard helps you use your space better, especially when every bit counts. It shows you how your office is used and how full it is, in a super easy way.

Now you can decide to make your space smaller or change it around based on real data. This can help you save money and make better use of your space.

If you decide to downsize your office, the desk booking feature of FlexWhere makes sure your team can still get their work done.

An In-Depth Understanding of Employee Preferences

The new dashboard serves as a tool for understanding your employees' preferences and habits. By tracking the days employees prefer to be in the office, you can learn how to optimise your workspace planning, coordinate employee events, and manage energy consumption more effectively. This information-driven approach encourages a more sustainable and efficient workspace.

You’ll see data which shows whether the organisation is growing in the number of employees, and which type of desks are most preferred (such as standing desks or desks with double screens), among other factors. For example, if a significant number of employees prefer standing desks, investing in more of these can lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Moreover, the new FlexWhere Dashboard supports the implementation of flexible working arrangements. By observing the shifts in in-office attendance, you can make strategic decisions about flexible work policies, remote work infrastructure, and more.

Dashboard Features:

Dashboard Features.svg

FlexWhere NEW Dashboard is coming to you

FlexWhere’s vision lies in creating a great time in the office for all employees. We’re confident this update will support you to achieve this. 

Pro Licence customers can look forward to the release in August 2023. To request a demonstration click here.

To our customers

We wanted to thank our customers who took part in the creation of this dashboard. Your honesty, feedback and collaboration will help many other companies stay ahead in these times!


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