Find and reserve meeting rooms using the meeting module

Flexible workers need to be able to arrange flexible meetings. This is possible using FlexWhere’s meeting module. This module shows directly which meeting rooms are available. These can be reserved and used ad hoc. If you are already using a reservation system, FlexWhere can be linked to this, making current and future reservations visible in a single convenient system.

Find a free meeting room

Find an available meeting room in no time using the meeting module. The floor plans in the module clearly show which meeting rooms are free and occupied per floor. A free space can be reserved directly and used in a time frame of your choice.

Reserve a meeting room

Free meeting rooms can be reserved ad hoc using the conference module on multiple devices. Reservations are synchronised immediately so the occupation information is always up to date and accurately displayed. FlexWhere can be linked to other reservation systems, such as TopDesk, Planon and Outlook Exchange, with a direct connection, provided the system is suitable for this, like TopDesk, and otherwise with an indirect connection..

FlexWhere is the system for flexible meetings

Find a free meeting room
Shows reservations
Reserve a meeting ad hoc
Displayed on all devices
Can be linked to other systems
Can be linked to sensors and building management systems
Shows actual occupancy

Extra applications for the meeting module

Even more convenient with the app

The meeting module is also available as an app, making it even more convenient for you to use. This app works on displays, which are located next to the meeting rooms. The app shows whether a room is free or occupied. An overview of the scheduled meetings in the rooms can also be consulted. The app on the displays also shows where the free rooms are located in the building. We are happy to help you with the installation of the displays.

Manage meeting rooms using the management and administration functions

The management and administration functions are a standard part of FlexWhere and show the occupancy of meeting rooms. The occupancy of each room can be viewed in a time frame of your choice. This data can be viewed using the management function and can be exported as a report or Excel file. With the administration function, meeting rooms can easily be adapted, added or removed.

Shows actual occupancy of meeting rooms

If you would like to see the actual occupancy of meeting rooms, the sensors can offer a solution. With the help of sensors, it is possible to see whether a meeting room is actually occupied. It is also possible to release a reserved room if no occupancy is measured after, for example, 10 or 15 minutes. This prevents a meeting room from being displayed as ‘occupied’ when no meeting is taking place. Instead of sensors, it is also possible to make use of the possibility to log a meeting in and out through displays on which the app is running.

Security guaranteed with well thought-out security and privacy

FlexWhere is offered as a SaaS solution, which means that our software is made available as an online service. This fully secure solution complies with all the requirements related to privacy. Dutchview’s servers are located in a data centre in Frankfurt, which has been ISO-9001, ISO-27001, ISO-27017 and ISO-27018 certified. The data is transmitted using a secure connection to and from the data centre.

Continuous improvement with smart release management

FlexWhere is continuously developing. We aim to offer a new release at least once a quarter. Via a release email, you will be kept informed of which functionalities have been modified or added. These releases are completely free of charge.

These are our starting points

Flexwhere Privacy


Privacy is important to us. That’s why we build our software with privacy as a starting point. For example, the mobile apps don’t need permissions.

Flexwhere Security


With our own digital security expert, secure servers, ISO standards, and external audits, we keep security at the highest level.

Flexwhere Sensors


Our software is designed to function without external hardware. Would you rather use sensors? That can also be arranged.

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