Desk planner as a new feature in FlexWhere for reserving work spots for entire teams

This feature makes hot desking easier for teams

From now on, a desk planner can easily reserve work spots in FlexWhere for entire teams. As soon as offices start getting busier, an organisation can, in a measured and corona-proof way, facilitate employees’ return through team reservations.

The new feature also makes it easier to definitively integrate working from home into the organisation, which should also lead to reduced costs in office space. The great thing about this is that the desire of managers and teams to sit and work together is also met.

The working from home, teams and FlexWhere combination can look something like this. On Monday, the sales team comes in for a meeting. On Tuesday, it is the lawyers’ turn and on Wednesday, all back office employees are physically present. On Thursday, multidisciplinary teams work on projects and on Friday, groups of employees work on ad hoc assignments. On other days, employees work from home as much as possible.

Who will become a desk planner and books work spots for teams

With scarce work spots, good agreements are indispensable. With FlexWhere, employees were already able to book a work spot with a user-friendly app. However, now admins and managers, or specially appointed desk planners, can also assign work spots for entire teams. In this new modus operandi, the office becomes a clubhouse, where employees mainly come to meet or work with others. And for office gossip, of course.

FlexWhere on a laptop

The desk planner simply selects the work spots on the digital floor plan. One way to do this is by ’dragging‘ an area. By adding a name to the reserved work area, everyone in the organisation knows who the work spots are reserved for. Setting a reservation to repeat automatically is also possible. The desk planner then informs the team members of the reservation. The team members themselves choose which reserved work spot they want to sit at.

Deploy FlexWhere when working from home and downsize your office

It is impossible to predict when the lights in the offices will come back on. That could be in two weeks, or even two months. Perhaps the office space will then be smaller or corona measures will still strictly apply. This doesn’t matter with FlexWhere. Employees can see which work spots are available and can reserve one. Make appointments with teams, have the desk planner reserve work spots and everyone works together safely and at a pre-arranged location. .

Implement digital workstation management now. Then everything will be fine when your employees return to the office. Many organisations have preceded you. Ask for a free demonstration to discover FlexWhere’s benefits. Request a free demonstration and discover FlexWhere.

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