Experience the latest features with the beta switch

Don't wait for the quarterly release

New features are added to FlexWhere on a regular basis, in fact, these are incorporated into a new version released every quarter. Organisations that do not want to wait for this, can enable the new beta-switch.

The beta-switch ensures that organisations can quickly try out new functionalities. This allows us to involve users in the development process at an earlier stage. If the switch is on, all FlexWhere users in the organisation will work in the beta environment.

Test FlexWhere during a quiet moment in the office

The new beta-switch does not always have to be switched on. Organisations who want to try out a new functionality can disable the switch once they have seen enough. This way, an ICT employee can try out the upcoming version of FlexWhere during the quiet weekend or late in the evening.

All changes in the beta environment are saved, even when the switch is reset to the production version. The beta version is intended for developers, but is near-ready for production.

The beta-switch is independent of urgent improvements, such as bug fixes or security updates. These are implemented in the interim in both the beta environment and the production environment.

The beta switch is not the only thing that has been added or improved during this release of FlexWhere. For example, the work zone is also new and the TrayApp has been improved. Read all the release notes.


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