FlexWhere adapted for the 'new normal'.

New features for a Coronaproof office

FlexWhere has built in new features that allow the return to the office in the ‘new normal’. For instance, employees can book a desk in advance, building managers can then virtually block workplaces and FlexWhere will make clearly show how far 6 feet is exactly. Because it’s software, there is no need for expensive rebuilding or implementation sensors.

The ‘new normal’ requires everyone to stay 6 feet apart. This is how the government hopes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

According to real estate consultant Colliers International, half, or even six out of ten workstations, will probably be rendered unusable as a result. This means that new solutions are needed quickly.

FlexWhere as a solution for the new normal workplace

Thanks to FlexWhere, your office can rapidly meet the 6-feet requirement. We have expanded our software with new features:

  1. Block
    In FlexWhere is will be possible to block a desk. The FlexWhere app will then show employees which workstations may not be used. In the Control Centre, organisations can indicate which desks are blocked, and which are not.
  1. Booking
    Employees can reserve a workplace up to 24 hours in advance. After reservation, the desk station will switch from green (available) to yellow (reserved). As soon as an employee sits down, the workplace will turn red (occupied). If the employee fails to show up, the desk will turn green again half an hour after the set time. Employees can quickly see on their app who has reserved the workplace. As soon as the booking starts, the workplace turns from green (available) to yellow (reserved). When the employee takes a seat, the workplace is given the color red (busy). Does the employee not appear? Half an hour after the set time, the desk turns green again. Employees can quickly see who has reserved the workplace on their app.
  1. Keep your distance
    In FlexWhere, employees can see how much 6 feet is. A radius showing the distance will be displayed around the chair. This is the quickest and most time-saving solution for office managers. Around the workstation FlexWhere shows a circle. This makes a good assessment of whether the distance from each other is sufficient. This is the quickest and most time-saving solution for office managers.
  1. Cleaning report
    In FlexWhere, managers printout a PDF with used workstations. On the floor plan, cleaners can see where someone worked that day. This makes it easier to clean the workplaces used.

The deployment of FlexWhere is the beginning. Clear protocols are required for when homeworkers return to the office. Who will be allowed to come to the office when and which workstations can be used? Organisations also need to make agreements about hygiene, access to the office, use of elevators, routing and use of the company restaurant just to name a few.

For many organisations, the 6-feet economy will call for a rapid and unexpected introduction of hot desking and flexible working. FlexWhere is eager to help you navigate this new reality. After all, we have been offering software and expertise to agile working organisations for over ten years.


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