Municipality of Vlaardingen

Since flexible working was introduced, FlexWhere has been one of the most used applications.

“You can reserve meeting rooms on your own PC, but also at the room itself”

About 500 employees work at the municipality of Vlaardingen, divided over 9 departments. The departments have a fixed floor in the building, but the workplaces are free to choose. Since flexible working was introduced, FlexWhere has become one of the most used applications.

“As a system administrator at the Municipality of Vlaardingen, I was asked in 2013 to investigate what options there are to easily find a colleague. Eventually I ended up at FlexWhere. After rapid implementation, we use FlexWhere to our full satisfaction. Upon entering you will quickly see where a free workplace is. You can also check the availability on each floor next to the lift.

Every workplace has a fixed computer with us. When you log in to this, a menu will appear with all applications including FlexWhere. You can also simply click on the icon in the taskbar. What I like is that you can quickly find a colleague on your computer with FlexWhere. You search by first name, last name or position. People with a first aid diploma or emergency response team member can also be found quickly. The system circles the workplace where this person is sitting on a map.

Small touchscreens hang at every team room

In addition to the workplace module, we also use the FlexWhere conference module. Small touchscreens hang at the entrance of each team room. This allows you to use the space every 15 minutes with one click on the screen. Are you ready? Then you can release it on the screen and someone else can enter it.

In practice, it is useful that you can see which space is available on both your computer and the meeting room. If you walk past a nice team room and see that it is still occupied for 5 minutes, you can wait for it. If it is still occupied for an hour, you continue looking. ”

Richard Schoo

Richard Schoo, System Administrator

"FlexWhere is one of the most important applications we use daily."


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