The software solution
for flexible working

FlexWhere helps you find a free workspace, colleague or meeting room fast.


FlexWhere adapted for the 6 feet economy. Read more

Efficient workspace management

FlexWhere, a Dutchview application, is a convenient software application for organisations that work flexibly. These organisations’ employees do not have a fixed workspace. Using FlexWhere, they find out quickly and easily which flex places and meeting rooms are free and where their colleagues are located. The information can be viewed on a display, desktop or laptop. By using the mobile app, FlexWhere can even be consulted outside the office on a tablet or smartphone.

This makes time and place-independent working a lot more efficient and easier. What is more, the system provides valuable information about the occupancy rates of buildings, floors and flex places, for instance. Information that gives management and the facility services clarity about which areas are crowded or have a low use rate. The facility services can be set up accordingly.

Flexible working with FlexWhere

Helpt je een vrije werkplek te vinden
Maakt inzichtelijk waar jouw collega's werken
Helpt je een vrije vergaderruimte te vinden
Helpt je vergaderruimtes te reserveren
Geeft informatie over de bezettingsgraad van ruimtes

Our solutions

Efficient desk sharing using the workspace module

This module helps you find a free workspace quickly and to search for colleagues by name, job or department. Statistics about the workspace usage are also easy to retrieve.

Meeting rooms
find and reserve

This module helps you find and book available meeting rooms, on any device. Booking statistics are also easy to retrieve.

Interested in a


Maak het kantoor coronaproof met onze werkplekoplossingen

Blokkeer werkplekken om ook op kantoor 1,5 meter afstand te kunnen houden. Medewerkers kunnen via onze app werkplekken reserveren. Zo komt niemand voor niets naar kantoor.

People at work in the work zone

More workplaces with the new work zone

In FlexWhere we are introducing the work zone, a new, additional way of mapping workplaces. Also see the employees who work in the company restaurant or on the roof terrace.

TOPdesk and FlexWhere now officially partners

Dutchview, het bedrijf achter FlexWhere, is een partnerschap aangegaan met TOPdesk. Beiden partijen werkten al samen en gaan hun software verder integreren.