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With the FlexWhere Dashboard, it’s easy to have a clear overview of all office usage, employee preferences and workplace, parking and meeting room occupation. Discover real-time insights, cut unnecessary costs, and make informed decisions for a more productive and optimised work environment.

Occupancy Rate Over Time


See lowest, highest, and average occupancy rates.
Filter on period, office location, floor and days of the week.

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Utilise data to manage and improve your office

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Know how employees use your office

Discover the preferences and work patterns of employees so you can facilitate their needs.

Knowing what spaces and services make employees come to the office helps facility managers optimise spaces for a more connected environment.

Save on unnecessary costs

Let data guide your decision-making. Make strategic choices that lead to more efficient resource allocation and substantial savings.

Tip: Close your office on certain days of the week based on low occupancy levels, saving overhead costs over time.

Real-time occupation overview

Actively see how employees are using the office space in real-time, so that you can see if spaces and resources are being used optimally.

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Assets usage


Visualise your most used assets to see what type of desks, meeting rooms and other assets your employees prefer the most.

Weekly overview


% of your office usage on most and least popular days of the week, be surprised even on the busiest day how much space goes unused 👀.

Real-time stats


Real-time data overview, to see how your employees are using the space, right now!



Easily discover office hotspots or
under-utilised spaces.

Employee and Workplace Changes


Gain insight into the impact of fluctuating employees and workspaces on your occupancy rate.

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Power BI


Dive deeper into data

Add on for £0,25 per user/month (billed annually)

Power-BI is available as an add-on integration to the FlexWhere dashboard. It is updated with your FlexWhere data and provides an even more detailed view such as:

  • Hourly occupation rates

  • Comparisons between floors, desks, premises

  • Unused workplace percentages

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This is how Erasmus MC uses FlexWhere office analytics

"FlexWhere is useful for both users and management in our hospital"

"FlexWhere is an excellent tool for keeping the costs of healthcare housing in check."

Huib Maclean

Strategic advisor housing

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