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Real-time occupancy rate

Get an instant overview of current office occupancy levels. Which areas of your office are used the most? Do you have enough space for your employees to collaborate, engage and work productively? Get the data you need to make informed decisions to create the environment your employees need!.


Office data insights for your needs

The FlexWhere control centre allows you to filter data based on your needs.


Analyse the occupancy in specific time periods. See how your hybrid working model has become more effective.

Filter on building or floor

View the occupancy rate over a given period for a building or floor to insight into your workforce patterns!

Workstation data

Which type of workstations are occupied the most. e.g. spots with docking stations or a double screen. Are there enough of those?

Reduce overhead costs

Insight into the usage of certain floors and areas, take action and reduce your overhead costs for those that are not used!

Understand your office

Understand your office space occupancy. Visually see if you have enough desks for your employees.

This is how Erasmus MC uses FlexWhere office analytics

"FlexWhere is useful for both users and management in our hospital"

"FlexWhere is an excellent tool for keeping the costs of healthcare housing in check."

Huib Maclean

Strategic advisor housing

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