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Katrien Wolfert

Written by Katrien Wolfert


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the lights in most offices are off. Eventually, people will return to the office and the lights will turn on again. A new working environment will become the norm as Hybrid working practices are adopted.

Social distancing restrictions will likely continue, reducing capacity in the office. This situation may result in some people not having a space at the office. Thus, effective communication is crucial. With FlexWhere for Mobile, your employees can book a desk for themselves. Even complete teams will be able to book their spots. This ensures that everyone is prepared beforehand and nobody comes to the office for nothing.

On Monday, the Sales team comes to the office for a meeting. Tuesday, it's the Lawyers' turn, and Wednesday, all the back-office staff are physically present. On Thursday, multidisciplinary teams work on projects, and on Friday, groups of employees work on ad-hoc assignments. On other days, employees work at home as much as possible.

Make the office a clubhouse

With scarce work spots available, ensuring good agreements is a must. With FlexWhere, employees can easily book a desk through an app. Now, admins and managers, or specially appointed office planners, can also book spots for their entire team. This turns the office into a clubhouse, where employees come to work together and build stronger bonds. Including office gossip, of course.

It is impossible to predict when these “lights” will turn back on in the offices. That could be in the near future, or it could be two months' time. Maybe the office will be smaller or covid-19 measures will still be in place. 

With FlexWhere, it doesn't matter. Employees can see which desks are available and book one. Make appointments with teams, let Desk Planners book work spots, and this will let everyone work together safely in a prearranged location.

Implement digital workspace management now. That way, everything will be in order when your employees return to the office. Many organisations have already done this.


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