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Collaborate, make decisions and share ideas at the office again! Quickly see which meeting rooms are available and book directly in FlexWhere. Easily manage no-shows and optimise your office space.

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Connect FlexWhere with your reservation software

Easily integrate FlexWhere with your existing systems like google calendar, Microsoft calendar, Teams and more! Conveniently see when rooms and spaces are available, booked, or in use with the FlexWhere app - even if you have booked your meeting room on a different platform.

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Ad-hoc reservations

Book ad-hoc meeting rooms directly with the FlexWhere meeting room booking system. For those last minute meetings with colleagues or clients, Flexwhere allows you to see which spaces in the office are avalaible to meet, and enables you to book directly through the FlexWhere application.


Overview of meetings. Including yours.

Evaluate if your office needs more meeting room space by seeing an overview of meeting room usage. Through the FlexWhere application you can see a clear overview of your upcoming meetings and where these meetings take place.

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The meeting room app

Our meeting room manager app shows a meeting room’s occupation status, booked, occupied, or avaliable. The “check-in” feature enables employees to manage “no-shows”, therefore your office meeting rooms can be utilised as intended.

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