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Make optimal use of meeting rooms

Avoid the hassle of double bookings and “no-shows” with just a glance. Effortlessly see the real-time occupancy and book available meeting rooms on the spot with FlexWhere meeting room app.

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Meeting room
status at a glance

No more wandering around, peeking through doors to find a free meeting room. With intuitive colour codes — green for available, red for occupied — you can quickly see which meeting rooms are ready for use, significantly reducing the time spent searching for an open space.

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Meeting room
booking via calendar

Our meeting room app is integrated with multiple calendar systems such as Outlook, Microsoft Calendar, Google Calendar, and Topdesk, ensuring effortless scheduling and real-time updates on the display screens outside the meeting rooms and in the FlexWhere app.

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Instant booking
for ad-hoc meetings

Secure a spot for last-minute meetings easily with FlexWhere’s meeting room app. Get a full-day overview of room availability to quickly see available meeting rooms. For unplanned meetings, check real-time statuses and book directly from the display screen.

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The benefits of our meeting room software

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ghost meetings

Our solution automatically removes ghost meetings by canceling unattended bookings. Sensors detect room occupancy; if unoccupied, they trigger a no-show status, making the room available on the display screen and ready to book on the spot.

Prevent double-bookings

Our app is integrated with various calendar systems to ensure that double bookings and schedule conflicts are a thing of the past. As you book a meeting through your agenda management system, you can see which meeting rooms are available.

meeting room usage

Finished with your meeting ahead of time? Make sure to “check out” from the meeting room to make it available for others in need of a space. By doing so, you enable your colleagues to take advantage of unused meeting slots for those spontaneous meetings.

Secure and simple

With data remaining within your network and behind your firewall, FlexWhere meeting room app offers a secure solution that’s easy to link with the FlexWhere app and your existing calendar.

  • Easy set-up

  • Secure data management

  • No training required

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