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Dutchview, the company behind FlexWhere, has entered into a partnership with TOPdesk. This Delft-based company, develops leading service management software to support facility management (FMIS) and IT service management (ITSM). The systems of both TOPdesk and FlexWhere have been linked for some time now to manage meeting rooms. The parties are now investigating where more software integration is possible.

“We have noticed that many of our customers use TOPdesk," says Jan Willems of FlexWhere. “With this partnership, we are going to make things even easier for them. Both FlexWhere and TOPdesk are already helping organizations manage meeting rooms. More options will be added later.”

Application Manager Bert van Laren of the water board of Delfland works with both FlexWhere and TOPdesk. He is enthusiastic about the collaboration. “TOPdesk and FlexWhere are a great combination. This will make a lot of people very happy".

Displays for meeting rooms

Colette Muntinga, facility advisor of MeerInZicht, a Dutch municipal cooperative body, also sees many advantages in the cooperation. “We have placed interactive screens in our meeting rooms. With FlexWhere, people at the door can see when space is occupied. They don‘t have to log in to TOPdesk. That saves a lot of time.”

FlexWhere and TOPdesk specialists have already had a few brainstorming sessions, says Jan Willems. “We have many ideas for further integration of our systems. We will work these out in the near future. We are happy to involve users of FlexWhere and TOPdesk in these developments". Willems calls on them to pass on their ideas.

The cooperation also includes the mutual promotion of the products. For example, FlexWhere has a partner page in TOPdesk‘s marketplace. FlexWhere will add TOPdesk to this site.


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