The front desk of the town hall in Zeist, where FlexWhere is used for hot desking

“Flexible working without FlexWhere is impossible.”

Mariëlle Sluiter, Head of Organizational Advice Department

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The Municipality of Zeist is one of the “Best Employers of 2015”. Flexible working plays a role in this. The modern town hall supports flexible working with technological applications, including FlexWhere.

“As a manager of the P&O and Communication department, I was closely involved in the introduction of flexible working. We’ve had a period without FlexWhere. That didn’t work. It was such a puzzle for everyone to find a workplace. FlexWhere has helped us enormously to clarify this. Where can I work today? And where is that colleague I need for a quick question?

Keep in touch with the team thanks to FlexWhere

You can of course also keep in touch with colleagues at the coffee machine or via email, telephone and WhatsApp. But especially as a manager, I find it important to regularly visit colleagues from my team. Thanks to FlexWhere I can quickly find someone and drop by.

Our wish list for a flexible work system also included being able to make analyzes. The management information in FlexWhere gives us insight into when there are busy periods. Whether the workplaces are really used better with the new way of working and whether there are too many or too few places.

Book meeting rooms two hours in advance

How I use FlexWhere depends a bit on my day. If I want to work behind a computer, I will look for a workplace in FlexWhere. Usually where certain colleagues are that I have to deal with that day. If I have a serious meeting, I will look for a free meeting room in FlexWhere.

We have set the rule that meeting rooms can only be reserved 2 hours in advance. This is to keep it really flexible. I just sit on a free bench for short informal conversations. “

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“We had a time period without FlexWhere, that was impossible.” - Mariële Sluiter

Gerard Pool, IT employee: “About 350 people work at the municipality of Zeist. All with a flexible workplace, many internal meetings and discussions with visitors. With FlexWhere we can easily find a free workplace, colleague or empty meeting room. The strength of FlexWhere is that the program is so simple that everyone can use it. The threshold to use it is low. Which makes working together with colleagues (almost) automatically. ”

“There are enough touchscreens throughout the building.” - Gerard Pool

Roel Faems, project manager Business-oriented Working: “In December 2013, we switched to a fully flexible office. We didn’t use FlexWhere in the beginning. Finding a workplace was difficult and it took me 10 minutes to find a colleague, a waste of my time. Thanks to FlexWhere I now know who is present and where someone is. I usually approach FlexWhere with my laptop, but there are also enough touchscreens throughout the building. I use it every day and wouldn’t want to do without it anymore. ”


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