The Team Desk System

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We’ve observed, listened, and recognised a need. We know that certain departments, like HR and Finance, require an extra layer of privacy due to the nature of their discussions. On the flip side, teams like Marketing thrive on close collaboration. Our answer? The Team Desk Feature

This feature makes workplaces, parking places and meeting rooms available to a certain group of people.

Only Admins can access this feature

How to Access this feature? 

  1. Head over to the Control Centre and click on the Premises tab
  2. Select the object(s) you want to assign to a certain person or team to. For example you want to assign desks to HR employees to ensure private conversations stay private ?
    • This feature is applicable to any object: parking, meeting room and desks!
  3. Under the tab “Authorised persons” simply select the employee names you want to assign to these desks
    • You can assign up to 25 employees to 1 desk 
  4. 30 seconds after you confirm your choice, your floor plan will be updated with the team desks
    • If a user does not have access to a certain desk or group of desks (for example a marketeer cannot book desks assigned to HR employees), they will see this (desk with grey stripes):

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What if users have booked workplaces in advance, and then the workplace becomes restricted?
    • In this case, the user will see that their desk is still yellow but will be unable to occupy the desk (on laptop and mobile). The booked object will appear yellow with grey striped lines on it and will have a notification letting them know the object is only accessible to a different team or person. 
    • Users should remove their bookings for this object and re-book on an authorised place
  • What if I book a meeting room in a third party booking system like google or outlook calendar?
    • In this case, users will still be able to book a restricted meeting room because FlexWhere cannot restrict third party applications. That’s why we advise you to book through the FlexWhere application. 
Updated on 01-11-2023

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