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From which systems can FlexWhere import meeting data?

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It is possible to import meeting data from external systems into FlexWhere. This makes meetings visible in the application.

FlexWhere interfaces with the following systems:

First of all, the Housing Management module will need to be present for a successful linkage.

In addition, some actions will have to be performed on the user’s side. For example, we need the following information:

  1. The Topdesk organization URL. This URL looks like this: https://jouworganisatienaam.topdesk.net/;
  2. Access to a Topdesk account with sufficient privileges. This account should have read and write access to all meeting objects and the API. From this account we need the login information.

See below for the appropriate permissions for the Topdesk practitioner account:

Then to get the link working the meeting room will have to be added in the Control Center (make sure the “Ad-hoc booking” slider is off). You will then see two text boxes. The top text box can be filled in as desired; the bottom text box must match the room number (not the meeting room name) exactly as it appears in Topdesk. After this, it may take 15-20 minutes for the bookings to appear in FlexWhere.

In FlexWhere, you then see the current and future bookings for the current day.

From Outlook and other systems, it is also possible to import meeting data. This is done by means of a CSV export of this data to a secure personal SFTP environment, from where this data is synchronized with the relevant FlexWhere environment.

This link involves a bit more technical knowledge, as the script to populate this CSV file from the system and then upload it to the SFTP environment is the responsibility of the user.

The responsibility for writing the script lies with the user, but we can offer support in this regard.

More information on exporting the CSV file can be found here:

How are meeting data provided?

Note: The system being imported from is leading. Bookings for meetings can only be made in the corresponding system. So this is a one-way coupling.

Updated on 17-05-2024

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