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How to link a monitor to a workstation

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FlexWhere, with the introduction of version 3.2, offers the ability to read serial numbers from monitors. This means that instead of a docking station, for example, it will be possible to attach a monitor to a workstation in FlexWhere.
When a user connects to the monitor (and the monitor is correctly linked to a workstation) FlexWhere will automatically occupy the user’s workstation.

To read out a monitor, the brand of the monitor will have to be added in the Control Centre. This is done in a similar way to adding a mac prefix. To do so, follow the following steps:

– Go to your organization’s Control Center and log in.
– Click the cog to go to your organization settings
– Navigate to the ‘Tools’ heading

Here you will now find Monitors. You can then enter a monitor prefix there from one of the following brands:

– Samsung -> SAM
– Philips -> PHL
– AOC -> AOC
– Hewlett Packard (HP) -> HWP
– Iiyama -> IVM
– Dell -> DEL

Enter the 3 characters of the brand of the monitors and press enter to add them. Then click the save button to make the changes.

After adding the monitor prefixes, restart Flexwhere for desktop. Users connected to a monitor will now be able to read the monitor in the about menu when right-clicking the FlexWhere icon in the taskbar. Also, the user with the monitor’s device_id will come through in the Control Centre under the ‘FlexWhere for desktop’ tab.

When the device_id provided by the monitor is known, it can be entered in the device list and then linked to a workstation. For this, also read: How to add new devices.

Note: Using monitors to automatically occupy workstations does not work in virtual environments (Citrix, VMware or RDP) because these environments do not pass the serial number of monitors.

Is your monitor not listed. Please contact our support department!

Updated on 17-06-2024
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