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What is important information when using Touchscreens?

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In order to quickly search for a free desk, meeting room or colleague, we advise our customers to install a touchscreen in central areas of the building.

Below are some tips on how to use these screens.

To use the keyboard on a touchscreen, there are two possibilities:

  1. Install Chrome on the touchscreens. Chrome supports so-called touch events. This means that Chrome knows when a touchscreen is being used. The keyboard appears and automatically disappears in Chrome.
  2. Enter https://<customer-name>.flexwhere.com/?touch=true on the desired browser. FlexWhere now knows that when tapping the search bar, the keyboard must be displayed.

Please note: Use the tips from point 1 or 2 separately. In fact, when you enter the URL from point 2 into Google Chrome you will see 2 keyboards.

It is possible to have FlexWhere automatically zoom in on a particular part of the floor plan.

  1. First, use the following URL on the touchscreens: https://<customer-name>.flexwhere.com/?touch=true
    The value ‘touch=…’ can also be set to ‘false’. Then it is not seen as a touchscreen but more like an information board.
  2. Customize this URL by adding X and Y axis coordinates and a zoom level. Example: https://<customer name>.flexwhere.com/floors/<number1>/<digit2>/?touch=true&x=400&y=200&&z=2
    The numbers behind “floor” are unique by organization and floor. You can find these in the Control Center by clicking on the floor, they will appear in the address bar.
  3. After this you can use the X and Y axis to center a position on the map. You may not get the right coordinates right away, so you may have to try this several times.
  4. Then you can adjust the zoom level (z=…).
  5. Once you have entered this URL it will be stored as a cookie. Each time you now navigate to this URL, the selected location will be shown on the map with the corresponding zoom level.

Tip: To return to the default settings/coordinates, use the following URL: https://<customer name>.flexwhere.com/floors/<number1>/<digit2>/?touch=true&x=0&y=0&&z=1. Or delete the cookies.

Updated on 14-05-2024

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