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Can I add temporary guests?

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To add temporary guests you must be the Admin of FlexWhere within your organization. A temporary guest can be added to the Employee role. After that, the temporary guest must have access to the FlexWhere TrayApp.

Here’s how it’s done:

Add as a Staff Member:

  1. Sign in to the Control Centre;
  2. On the menu on the left, click “user”;
  3. In the “Display name” column, click the “+”;
  4. Select the Employee role and fill in the further information you want;
  5. Click save to add the temporary guest.

Access to FlexWhere for Desktop:

To give the temporary guest access to FlexWhere, the TrayApp must be downloaded.

  1. Download the FlexWhere for Desktop from our website;
  2. Open FlexWhere for Desktop;
  3. Login with the data used under “Add as An Employee.”

The FlexWhere TrayApp will already be installed on an organisation’s computer. Let the temporary guest log in with the information used under “Add as An Employee.”

Please note: The Admin and Desk Planner can book a workstation for another person. This does not require adding the person as an Employee in the Control Center.

Note: When the organization’s Active Directory is reloaded the next day, the temporary guest will not be in that list. This removes the temporary guest from the list of users.

Updated on 14-03-2022
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