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Help us make FlexWhere even better!

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FlexWhere’s development is never done. We are continually working to further develop the system to benefit our users. In this process, help from you, the users, is always greatly appreciated and deployed as much as possible.

FlexWhere was designed with maximum convenience in the workplace in mind. That’s why we’re curious about your experiences.

  • Are you regularly running into a problem you’d like solved?
  • Could something be done more efficiently or effectively?
  • Do you have an idea that could benefit all FlexWhere users?

You can share your story as a ‘User Story’ using the form below. Emphasise the reason and the ‘why’. By buidling a solid foundation, devising a solution will be easier in the long run. You simply leave the solution to the FlexWhere team.

The following format can serve as a guide for your User Story: As -My ROLE- I want to -IDEA-, because -REASON-.

Example User Story: As a mobile user of FlexWhere, I want to quickly see how many reservations have been made on a particular day, so I can easily decide whether or not I want to come to the office.

Form for sending a User Story:

Note: Sharing a User Story does not mean that something will automatically be done with it. You will be kept informed via email.

Updated on 15-06-2021

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