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How do I cancel a group booking?

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In FlexWhere, you can cancel a group booking if you have the role of Admin, Manager or Desk planner. Canceling a group booking can be done through FlexWhere for Desktop and through the Web browser.

Follow these simple steps to use the “Group bookings” tab effectively:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab in the left menu.
  2. Click on the “Manage all bookings” option to open the pop-up.
  3. Inside the pop-up, you’ll find the new “Group bookings” tab. Click on it to see all group booking details in one place.
  4. Click on the booking(s), and you’ll have the option to add a note explaining why it is being cancelled.
  5. Confirm the changes with the “Cancel bookings” button.
  6. A success message will appear on your screen “Group booking(s) canceled successfully.” All invitees will also receive an automatic confirmation email.

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Updated on 16-05-2024

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