Building of Solvinity in Amersfoort. This IT company deploys FlexWhere for hybrid working.

"The combination of working from home and from the office is our new way of working after corona."

Doreen Riensema, Head of HR

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When offices were allowed to reopen in spring 2021, the Amersfoort-based IT company Solvinity faced the challenge of accommodating 300 employees back in the office. The company envisions a future where staff seamlessly combine working from home and the office, with the help of FlexWhere.

“Before the pandemic, we used to work together as teams across four locations,” says Doreen Riensema, Head of HR at Solvinity. In the RTL-Z program De Barometer, she explains how FlexWhere is facilitating the company’s transition to hybrid working.

FlexWhere is a user-friendly application

“We started looking for a solution to provide insight into who is in the office and who isn’t, and we found that in FlexWhere,” says Doreen Riensema. “This is a very user-friendly application. You can see in real time what the floor plans of the branches look like.”

“Suppose an employee feels the need to work in the office. They can check from home which workplace is available and in which branch, and reserve it immediately if they wish. Additionally, they can see which colleagues will also be present.”

Catering to varied workplace needs

At Solvinity, employees often have specific requirements for their workplaces, and FlexWhere helps accommodate these needs, according to Doreen Riensema. “We configured the software to display the type of monitors available at each desk. This allows our engineers to book the exact workspace they need.”

With FlexWhere, Solvinity employees can see in real-time not only which workstations are available, but also other features such as the availability of meeting rooms. “The app offers even more functionalities, like checking meeting room availability,” adds Riensema.

Using statistics to predict office crowds in advance

As Head of HR, it’s crucial for Doreen Riensema to know how many employees plan to come to the office. FlexWhere is instrumental in providing this information. "We can monitor real-time occupancy rates and also see in advance how many employees have already reserved a workspace for next week," says Riensema. This foresight allows the facilities team to plan accordingly.

FlexWhere’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive statistics, and customisable setup make it an ideal application for hybrid working. At Solvinity, this approach is seen as the future. "The combination of working from home and in the office will definitely become part of our new work model post-pandemic," Riensema affirms.


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