How do I add users?

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In FlexWhere, users can be added by an administrator. Adding users can be done in the Control Centre.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Sign in to FlexWhere Control Centre;
  2. Go to the Users menu;
  3. At the top right of the screen, click the ”+” and add user list;
  4. Select the appropriate CSV file containing new users;
  5. Choose whether to add a new user list or replace the entire list;
  6. Select “submit.
  7. The list of new users is now loaded.

The CSV file must meet the following requirements and contents:

Field NameMandatory FieldsMin. CharactersMax. CharactersData typeExample
CSV_DISPLAYNAMEYes220AlphanumericJansen, Jan
CSV_PHONENo220Numbers and Special characters(+,-,(,) etc)+3120123456
CSV_MOBILENo220Numbers and Special characters(+,-,(,) etc)+3165123456
CSV_EMAILYes2NvtStandard formatj.jansen@flexwhere.com
CSV_EHBONo111 of 01
CSV_BHVNo111 of 00
CSV_PROFILEPHOTONo5500Hyperlink of bestandsnaamjanjansen.jpg

Note: When the ‘Replace the current user list with a new one’ option is selected, users not in the CSV file are removed from FlexWhere.

  1. Sign in to FlexWhere Control Centre;
  2. Go to the Users menu;
  3. Click on the ‘+’ at the top right;
  4. Fill in the information for the new user;
  5. Click save;
  6. The new user is now created and can now use FlexWhere.

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Updated on 16-02-2024

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