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What does FlexWhere’s implementation process look like?

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The following is a step-by-step description of the implementation process for FlexWhere.

After the decision has been made to work with FlexWhere, the signed contract, floor plans and logo’s or images will be send to us, as the sales manager will have explained.

After receiving the information, our Account Manager Implementation will contact you to schedule an orientation meeting. See Step 2.

The orientation meeting will include the following items:

  • Checking the drawn floor plans;
  • Placing workstations, meeting rooms and work zones;
  • Explanation of users and devices;
  • Explanation of the different roles in FlexWhere;
  • Explanation of the possibilities of linking with other systems;
  • Example of how the application works.

FlexWhere is designed so that people with the Admin role can easily make changes themselves. This includes placing workstations/meeting rooms/work zones, adding users/devices and adjusting other organization-specific settings.

After the orientation meeting, the account manager implementation will also send an e-mail explaining the follow-up tasks.

Together with the Account Manager Implementation we will look at how the preferred way of working with FlexWhere can be realized.

Here could be considered:

  • Choice of using the Mobile application and/or also the Desktop application;
  • Choice of whether or not to use links to other systems.

Together we will check if everything is set up properly.

How do I add users?

How do I add devices?

Now it is time to start trail FlexWhere at the organisation.

The account manager will support you in this testing phase and will make sure the current mobile and desktop applications are being used.

The standard testing period is approximately 2 weeks.

In the first 4 steps of the implementation, the FlexWhere environment has taken form. In step 5, it is time for the organization to introduce FlexWhere to all employees.

When the implementation is fully completed, the Implementation Account Manager will send an Acceptance Form. This form will conclude that the implementation has been fully completed and is working properly. Here you also leave comments and feedback about the process and applications.

In the final step, our Account Manager Implementation will fully complete the implementation and hand it over to our FlexWhere Support team. They will help you to answer any questions regarding the daily use of FlexWhere.

For other questions, the Account Manager Implementation will remain your main contact.

Updated on 14-03-2022

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