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Why is a user not visible?

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Users are delivered in a chosen way in FlexWhere. It could happen that a user is not visible.

This can have a number of causes.

One part that is supplied with the user data is the username. A user will not be visible if the username used to log in does not match the supplied username.

When a SCIM link is used to provide user data, 4 scenarios are possible in which a user is not visible.

  1. A new user is not synchronised with Azure and only exists in the local Active Directory;
  2. A new user is in a group of users that is not synchronised with FlexWhere;
  3. The link between the Active Directory and Azure fails;
  4. An outage has occurred so that the post call of a new user never reached FlexWhere.

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Updated on 01-09-2021

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